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Seventy9 Wheels' exclusive alloy wheels offer a unique design and high quality for fans of both factory looks and sporty tuning rims.

With a wide range of products from 15 to 20 inches, there's something for everyone.

With Seventy9 rims, your car will never be boring again!

Where does the number 79 come from?

Seven is the number of fulfillment and completeness, while nine is the number of perfection. The combination of the two, 79 is the golden atomic number.

This means you get a superb, sophisticated rim that can become a real treasure for your car.

How are Seventy9 alloy wheels designed?

Aesthetics are a key value for the company's designers. Original design, varied finishes and colours are a regular feature of their designs.

They strive for the most precise design down to the last detail.

The designers of the Sevetny9 alloy wheels make sure that the final result will sweep everyone off their feet with its artistic sophistication.

Certified quality

Carefully selected materials, state-of-the-art technology and rigorous controls at every stage of production guarantee above-average quality. As a result, Seventy9 tyres are JWL and VIA certified.

TPMS compatibility

Seventy9 rims are designed to fit virtually all pressure sensor-based TPMS from leading manufacturers. The TPMS, or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, transmits pressure information from sensors in the wheels to the on-board computer via radio. This allows the driver to react in real time to a drop in tyre pressure, improving driving safety and economy.

AH WHEELS favourites

Thanks to a surprisingly wide range of Seventy9 alloy wheels, everyone can find the rim that best suits their car.

Unique design, versatile styling, stunning colours. These are the qualities that best describe the Seventy9 rims.

The Seventy9 SV-E is one of our favourites for a reason. A truly retro look wrapped in a modern guise. Its special feature is that, in addition to the classic silver and black polishes, it is also available in bronze and red. With this rim, your car is guaranteed to attract attention.

Looking for a more classic look? With the Seventy9 rim you don't have to compromise! Go for the sleek, 10-spoke SCF-F alloy wheel and get the looks! Like the design but want to add a special colour? The Sevenyt9 SCF-F rim is now available in 8 different finishes in our webshop.

And if you're looking for an extra world of shape, we recommend the SCF-C model. With its special finish and black polished front, it's guaranteed to enhance the look of your car.

Seventy9 Aluminium Rims - Modernity and Unique Design

Brand presentation

Seventy9 is a dynamically evolving alloy wheel brand that offers car owners modern and unique designs as a fresh player in the automotive industry. Combining cutting-edge technology with unique styling, Seventy9 alloy wheels are a worthy addition to modern cars.

Quality and Innovation

Seventy9 tires are manufactured with a strong focus on quality and innovation. The careful selection of aluminium materials and the use of state-of-the-art production technologies guarantee that the rims meet the high expectations of customers.

Design and Style

One of the most important features of Seventy9 alloy wheels is their unique and modern design. With stylish and unique designs, the brand has managed to capture the attention of young and dynamic motorists. The different styles and sizes of alloy wheels allow everyone to find the perfect choice to suit their taste and the character of their car.

Safety and Stability

Seventy9 doesn't just focus on design; safety and stability are also key aspects in the manufacturing process. Careful design and testing of the rims ensures that the products are not only visually appealing, but also safe and reliable in all road conditions.

Environmental awareness

The Seventy9 brand uses environmentally friendly solutions in the production of its rims. The company is committed to sustainable development and uses manufacturing technologies that minimise its ecological footprint.

Wide range

With the Seventy9 range of rims, every motorist will find the option that suits them best. The brand offers a range of different styles and sizes of alloy wheels, allowing customers to tailor their vehicles to their own individual tastes.


Seventy9 alloy wheels offer the perfect combination of modern design and high quality. If you're looking for a young, fresh and dynamic wheel brand that will add the unique look and style to your vehicle that you desire, Seventy9 is the ideal choice.

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